The President’s Award of Excellence

Nominate a student by March 11, 2024.

President’s Award of Excellence in Student Leadership Terms Of Reference


The President’s Award of Excellence in Student Leadership was established in 1993 to recognize students who have made outstanding contributions to the McMaster University community through excellence in student leadership. The number of awards to be presented each year will be determined by the Selection Committee after considering all nominations in light of the criteria listed below.


Eligible students are in the graduating year of their undergraduate program at McMaster University.

Selection Criteria

The President’s Award of Excellence in Student Leadership acknowledges the contributions made by students who play a significant role in improving and developing the intellectual, social, and/or cultural fabric of the McMaster community. Recipients will have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities and will have made achievements that benefitted other students and the University community as a whole. Contributions to local, provincial and national communities will also be considered. Selection decisions will be made based on the quality and depth of impacts made by the student rather than the achievement of particular positions or statuses.

Nomination Package

A complete nomination package includes a nomination form, curriculum vitae, a statement by the nominee and one letter of reference.

Selection Process

Five members of the McMaster community comprise the Selection Committee. Members are:

  • The Associate Vice-President (Students & Learning) and Dean of Students (Chair)
  • A distinguished alumna/alumnus appointed annually by the Alumni Association
  • A staff member in a leadership position appointed annually by the Chair
  • An undergraduate student appointed annually by the Chair
  • A faculty member, recommended annually by the President

Members of the Selection Committee review and rank nomination packages independently. The Committee then decides by consensus on a list of nominees to recommend to the President. This list of recommendations, along with all nomination materials for all nominees are sent to the President no later than May 1 of the year in which the awards are to be presented. The President reviews and confirms recommendations before notifying recipients and making appropriate arrangements to present the awards at Convocation, at which time they receive a medal.

Nominate Someone

Deadline for return of Nomination Forms is March 11, 2024.

The President’s Award of Excellence in Student Leadership Winners by Year

Brandon Bernard, Faculty of Humanities, Communication Studies

Arianne Soriano, Faculty of Science, Kinesiology

Andrea Jacob, Faculty of Health Sciences

Shaza Hassan,  Social Sciences, Social Psychology

Helena Teng, Faculty of Health Sciences

Sage Hartman, Social Sciences – Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour (Honours), interdisciplinary minor in Community Engagement and Indigenous Studies

Morghen Jael, Arts and Science program

Yotakahron Jonathan, Undergraduate Medical (MD) program

Josh Lawrence, Automation Engineering Technology program

Jessica Monaghan, Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour program

Victoria Tucci, Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) program

Kwasi Adu-Poku, Faculty of Science
Cassidy Bereskin, Faculty of Social Sciences
Josiah Butt, Faculty of Health Sciences
Jet’aime Fray, Faculty of Social Sciences
Pardis Ghaneian, Faculty of Science
Elisa Levi, Faculty of Health Sciences
Nina Moss, Faculty of Science

Alissa Zhang
Christie Condron
Gabriela Roberts
Joel Voth
Josha Rafael
Melissa Cusack-Striepe

Alyssia Jovellanos
Madison Brockbank
Manveetha Muddaluru
Owen Dan Luo
Sinthu Senthillmohan
Sonia Igboanugo

Sebat Mohamed
Ushma Purohit
Blake Oliver
Sutina Chou
Vanessa Raponi

Adam Chiavarelle
Akeel Ali
Elaine Stirling
Ryan Rogers
Saly Halawa
Sonia Jakji

Audrey Tan
Jacob Brodka
Julia Woo
Nishan Zewge-Abubaker

Janelle Hinds
Sara Medhat Halawa
Benjamin Kinsella
Ambika Tejpal
Tristan Paul
Christa Jonathan

Arnav Agarwal
Benjamin Dplock
Carrie McMullin
Claire Stewart
Mikaila Nederveen

Anna D’Angela
Cristina Leonardelli
Jeffrey Wyngaarden
Lauren Salcile
Laurence Rivard
Lisa Bifano
Matt Dillon-Leitch

Tyler Wright
Andrew Kasza
Joseph Finkle
Tanya Kuzman
Huzaifa Saeed
Natasha Turner
Samuel Bong Si Cheng

Erica Barnes
Mary Koziol
Brennan Reurink
Joshua Smalley
Vishal Tiwari

Ian Finlay
Kasia Kucemba
Suparna Sharma

Daniel Borrelli
Chad Fullerton
Marek Gruca
Chryslyn Pais
Tiffany Parsons
Debjani Poddar

Hasnat Ahsan
Vasiliki (Vass) Bednar
Jonathan Borrelli
Nicole Findlay
Eric Siu
Stephanie Tom

Randy Ai
Diana Choi
Steven Hoffman
Melissa Kimber
Ava Baker
Tanya Rumble
Tania Ahluwalia

Heidi Carrubba
Faizal Haji
Christine Kerr

Jaimini Chauhan
Elaine Cheng
Dionne Matthew
Avita Sooknanan
Mark Yep

Gregory Athaide
Dan Freeman
Candy Hui
Sean Park
Sarah Roger

Andrea Dumbrell
Jennifer King
Sam Minniti
Daniel Olsen
Nicole Richmond

Mary-Melinda Gillies
Arif Manji
Leila Salehi

Karinne Chan
Alex Mazer
David Sandomierski
Wai-Yin Shum
Meaghan Stovel

Sachin Aggarwal
Arun Gupta
Eric Tam

Jason Lee
Lisa Sillib
Carolyn You

Roy W. Cramp
Jennifer McMillen
Marie-Helene Ruel

Leslie Buckley
Jeff Colgan
Janet Loebach

Diane Bird

Allison Tumon

Hugh Pasika