Transition – First Days, Weeks

It’s been 2 days since you moved your student into their new house off-campus or into residence at McMaster and you haven’t heard from them. You are so worried about them. Are they doing okay? Are they safe? Do they have money? Are they behaving or getting into trouble? Who is looking after them like you have for the past 18 years? Why haven’t they called home?

These are all very common questions and concerns parents have during the first …

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Campus Life and Resources

Student life at McMaster is full of opportunities, activities and interactions, all of which contribute to the development of students as young adults. Students are encouraged to get involved in the clubs, academic networks and social groups which help to connect them to the McMaster community and to develop a stronger sense of belonging in their new environment. This, in turn, has a positive effect on students’ success both academically and socially.

Students must find a balance between their academic and …

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Tips for Parenting through the University Years

Every family is unique as is each individual within it. Everyone is likely to have their own experience of this life passage, with their own particular challenges, joys, expectations, and concerns. However, there are a number of ways you may help to nurture your relationship with your university student:

Set reasonable expectations about academics: Your student may have been a super-academic achiever in high school, but may not get straight-A’s in university. Your expectations continue to influence the expectations your student …

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Understanding Developmental Issues and the Transition to University Life

To become accustomed to your student’s growing independence will require adjustments for you and for your student. Here are some of the many changes taking place for your student during this time of life:

Greater Independence: Students must learn to take care of themselves in important new ways, and they must be increasingly self-reliant while still depending on parents in many ways. Their need for support from family may alternate, seemingly unpredictably, with their need for distance.
Developing Intimacy: Typically, students develop …

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Staying Connected

Students returning home for a couple of months in the summer may experience a transition process.  Although the place they are returning to is what your child calls “home”, it is important to understand that during their time at McMaster they have built a community around themselves and leaving this may feel overwhelming. Keep in mind that your child may be leaving their partner, the person they turned to during the difficult times over the past school year, or even …

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5 Ways to Approach Roommate Conflict

Most incoming university students have never shared a room or apartment/suite with another person before and this new experience may be challenging.  Sometimes things work out really well and roommates become lifelong friends and sometimes they may have very little in common with each other and lead very separate lives.  All relationships have high and low points, but the challenge in residential living is learning how to manage and communicate through these ups and downs.  As a parent, roommate conflicts …

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Preparing for Your Son or Daughter’s Return Home

Your son or daughter has just finished their first year at university and it’s time for them to move home and find a summer job. Well, get ready; things won’t be the same as last summer. A lot has happened in the last eight months to both you and your young adult.

For example, you have no doubt established your own routine and likely enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of having one less person around to be responsible for. If there …

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First Generation Student Program

Is your student a First Generation Student?

If your student is one whose parents have not attended any post-secondary education level courses (college or university), then your student is considered a First Gen! Research shows that First Generation students often have unique needs and challenges. Our program provides support to assist them with a successful transition to university academics and campus life, as well as networking opportunities to build a strong peer support system on which to rely.


The only way we …

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Tips for Living Off-Campus

Back to school is upon us again! But this time, instead of backpacks and binders being the number one concern, you have much more to think about with your child entering university; even more so if your son or daughter is going to be living off-campus. At the Off-Campus Resource Centre (OCRC) we have all the resources you need to prepare your child for a successful off-campus living experience in Hamilton.

The OCRC office is located in the Student Centre basement in …

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