Student Wellness Centre

Counseling and Mental Health Services for Students:

The Student Wellness Centre provides confidential, brief counseling for both personal and academic concerns.

Services include individual appointments, walk-in consultations and psycho-educational programming. A variety of personal concerns are frequently brought to counseling services, including adjustment to life at McMaster, stress management, anxiety, depression, loss and grief, substance abuse, loneliness, sexuality, eating concerns, relationship difficulties. If you are concerned about your student, encourage them to come in to see a counsellor or a physician. We ask that students call to make their own appointments, rather than having you make one for them.

Confidentiality and consultations: It is natural for parents who are concerned about their child’s wellbeing to want information about whether their student has come to counseling and if they are making progress. However, confidentiality is critical to the success of the counseling endeavour, and we adhere to all legal and professional guidelines pertaining to the confidentiality of student counseling information.  These guidelines prevent us from releasing any information about a student’s participation in counseling without their written consent. This means that we cannot share with you whether we have, or have not, seen or heard from your student, even if they have told you themselves that they are coming to see a counsellor. However, we do want to hear from you if you have serious concerns about your student, and are worried about their safety. Please remember that any information you share with a counsellor will be discussed with your student.

Medical Care:

The Student Wellness Centre  is the medical clinic on campus.  It is intended for use by all undergraduate students, especially those living away from their own family doctor.  The Centre is staffed by six doctors each day as well as nurses and other support staff.  Medical specialties that are available here are sports medicine, naturopathic therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.  All physicians are available for counseling and prescribing of medications for mental illness.   Referral to counseling services, community services, medical specialists and psychiatry are some of the options available for ongoing care.  Psychiatry services are provided by a part-time psychiatrist, for consultation and ongoing care as required.  The Mental Health Team Nurse coordinates the combined services provided by the psychiatrist, medical doctors and counsellors.