Student Account

Students encouraged to monitor account statement regularly

We recommend checking the account monthly to review the balance owing, ensure payments have been received and there are no unexpected charges. Keeping an eye on the student Account Statement is important to minimize costs and avoid delays in grades and future registration.

Students can access their account by logging into Mosaic; it’s their responsibility to keep their account in good standing. Parents who want to be on top of their child’s financial status, should discuss arranging a regular monthly time to review this statement. To follow McMaster’s directive on becoming a sustainable society, statements are NOT mailed to either the student’s address or their permanent address.

T22O2A tax certificates

T22O2A tax certificates are available online on Mosaic.

Budgeting and planning

In preparation for next year, students should be making their budget and financial plan to manage their school expenses.  OSAP application information can be found on the Financial Aid and Scholarship website. For registration, fee and payment plan information, visit Student Accounts.