Range of Counselling Available

At some point just about everyone finds they have major concerns on their mind that may interfere with their success, happiness, and satisfaction at university. Often students mention that a helpful way of dealing with problematic situations and feelings is to start by talking them through with an experienced counsellor.

If you feel that talking with a counsellor is something for you, visit the Student Wellness Centre (SWC) in MUSC B101 during our Drop-In Counselling Consultation Times for a 15 minute appointment with a counsellor. Together you will explore support options and decide the next best steps. These could include: individual counselling at the SWC, group programming at the SWC, a community referral, a crisis referral, or connections to community/campus resources. Drop-in Counselling Consultations are offered Monday to Friday from 10:30am-12:00pm and 1:30pm-3:30pm.

After attending a drop-in counselling consultation, if individual counselling is the best option, please note that follow-up appointments may vary in terms of frequency during the semester due to the high demand for services.

An alternative to attending a drop-in consultation is to browse through this pamphlet for the crisis and group programming options that are available. If there is a group that interests you, contact the facilitator for more information. For crisis resources refer to the back page.

All SWC groups are free and confidential. Email the facilitator to find out the start date of the group. Some groups are offered more than once in the term, and this is indicated by the number of sessions. You will be expected to fill out an intake form and attend sessions as indicated by the facilitator. Groups often have recommended readings or between sessions activities. Any questions can be directed to the facilitator. Repeat attendance is welcomed .