Parents of Prospective McMaster Students

Choosing a university is a very important decision and this web site is designed to help you learn more about what McMaster has to offer. You will learn about the resources available at McMaster, opportunities for involvement in non-academic activities and information about how to plan for a year away from home. We offer students a strong education with the support they need to succeed. Informed parents are a large source of this support.

There are many support services on campus to help students be successful inside and outside of the classroom. Professional and support staff provide academic advice, instruct students on how to improve their learning and study skills, offer assistance in finding jobs, provide direction and information about careers, assist students with personal or relationship problems, produce newsletters about how to be a healthy and happy student, provide health care services, and much more. Use the links below to check out a few of the services that McMaster students use on a regular basis. Faculty Academic Advisors provide academic counseling and interpretation of University regulations and Faculty policies, and various program opportunities.