First Generation Student Program

Is your student a First Generation Student?

If your student is one whose parents have not attended any post-secondary education level courses (college or university), then your student is considered a First Gen! Research shows that First Generation students often have unique needs and challenges. Our program provides support to assist them with a successful transition to university academics and campus life, as well as networking opportunities to build a strong peer support system on which to rely.


The only way we know if your student is a First Generation student and eligible for the following programs, is if he/she self-identifies. There are several avenues from which to do so, but we strongly encourage students to respond to the First Generation self-identification questions on Mosaic when they log into their student information account. This is an important step toward accessing additional support at McMaster.

Academic Workshops

Check out the Student Success Centre’s Academic Skills Section for various workshops held throughout the year to hone academic skills.

Peer Mentoring

Students can sign up to meet with one of our Peer Mentors either one-on-one or in a group. Peer Mentors are successful upper year students who have been trained to provide support to their peers. They are happy to provide peer guidance and support while referring to the appropriate resource when needed. The Student Success Centre provides Peer Mentoring to all students; those in Social Sciences are also eligible for Peer Mentoring specially designed by the Faculty.

Explore the many options available to enhance their university experience.

Bursary Program

The First Generation Bursary, available through Student Financial Aid and Scholarships, is a non-repayable grant that all First Generation students are eligible to apply for.

Vistit The Student Success Centre’s First Generation Student page