Campus Life and Resources

Student life at McMaster is full of opportunities, activities and interactions, all of which contribute to the development of students as young adults. Students are encouraged to get involved in the clubs, academic networks and social groups which help to connect them to the McMaster community and to develop a stronger sense of belonging in their new environment. This, in turn, has a positive effect on students’ success both academically and socially.

Students must find a balance between their academic and personal commitments in order to achieve their goals. McMaster offers many sources of support and services to help students along this path.

Whether students have academic concerns, need someone to talk to, need to find a job or have health issues, there are many people on campus who are dedicated to assisting your son or daughter. We encourage students to seek out the resources and make the contacts they need which will help them to become more independent and take responsibility for their own lives.

These supports and services include such things as academic skills counseling, peer leadership, career planning and health management. To learn more about what students should expect from campus life, explore Services Overview for services for students that fall under Student Affairs as well as other areas at McMaster.