Academic Advising

Each Faculty provides students with access to academic counselling from professional Academic Advisors who can provide assistance in many areas including:

  • course and program selection
  • registration procedures
  • preparation for a wide variety of post-degree initiatives, including graduate studies, professional studies and vocation
  • comprehensive academic direction that spans a student’s undergraduate educational career to help prepare for lifetime success
  • sensitive and encouraging alternatives for those who have not met their academic goals
  • admission information including assessment of advance credit for applicants from a wide range of educational sources
  • advice, referrals and options provided in one-on-one, small group and large group sessions
  • Petitions for Special Consideration for students in distress
  • petitions for missed term work and deferred examinations
  • study elsewhere options including McMaster Exchanges and Letters of Permission
  • appeal procedures
  • referrals to a multitude of support services on campus

As first-term grades begin to appear many students question their academic decisions and future path. If a student is concerned, he or she should meet with their Academic Advisor as soon as possible to discuss the situation. Students often get focused on one lofty goal and if they see it slipping away, they lose focus and motivation. We encourage students to forget the goals (temporarily) when studying and enjoy the learning for its own sake.

The first year of university is trying for many students; new responsibilities and expectations can be overwhelming. Academic Advisors can help students achieve a full understanding of how their education and career goals align. Advisors help students determine their strengths and interests and match them with possible program choices. Often students find the pressures of their first-year daunting. This can lead to extreme stress and depression. An Academic Adviser refers to appropriate resources (i.e. psychological counselling) for students demonstrating these kinds of issues. Academic Advisors and Student Wellness Centre staff work together to support students.